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Reading and Writing Studio Session Feedback
Thank you for visiting the Reading and Writing Studio today! Your feedback on this survey will help us to serve you better in the future. If you have not yet had a chance to do so, please take a moment now to tell us about your session at the Reading and Writing Studio today. Questions marked with a * are required.

Who did you work with?

How many times have you been to the Reading and Writing Studio (any location)?


Where did you work with us today?


What did you work on with a consultant? Check any that apply:

  Understanding the assignment (purpose/audience/genre expectations)

  Development of ideas/brainstorming

  Thesis (Main idea)

  Organization (the order of content)

  Evidence Use

  Paragraph structure(topic sentences and examples)

  Sentence-level Coherence

  Grammar or Sentence Structure


  Word Choice (academic language/tone/formality/usage)

  Format and Citations (MLA/APA/etc.)


  Reading Strategies

* You must select at least one of the above answers.
If you chose "Other" for the question above, please list your answer here:


Has your understanding of the assignment improved?


After working with your consultant, do you feel prepared to complete the next steps of your assignment?


Please tell us if the assignment you worked on today was. . .(check all that apply):

  For a course required for your degree

  For a course in your major

  For an elective or non-required course

What are your next steps for this project? (List 2-3):
Thinking back to when you made your appointment, do you feel more or less confident now to work on your writing?

  A lot more confident

  A little more confident

  About the same

  Less confident

  Way less confident

Would you recommend the Reading and Writing Studio to someone else?


What else would you like to tell us about your visit?
Help! Name an AMAZING classroom instructor at Macomb who has helped you become a better writer: